NAZA M v2 flight controller system

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i salvaged a NAZA M v2 flight controller from a storm 8 drone, and all seems to function i checked all the hardware and plugged it into the software assistant program, but how do i know for sure it will be ok to reinstall on another octocopter and that the functions are intact and functioning properly ?
Thanks !

Anthony Answered question March 2, 2023

it’s been a while since I worked with one of these, but I believe that on the info tab in the software on the PC, you should be able to see info from the Gyro an accelerometer of the flight controller. These inputs typically don’t register changes when the flight controller goes bad.

You can also gain valuable knowledge from the LED that comes with the Naza m v2

Here is a link to the manual that explains what the light functions mean

One thing that you need to make sure to do is orient the flight controller on the new drone in the same way that it was oriented on the storm drone.

we’ve had issues with remounting these in the past, so make sure to use new double-sided tape to solidly mount the fly controller to the frame.

I would also recommend that once you get the new drone put together That you try it without propellers first in open air.  See if you can get the green light which means good GPS signal, and make sure that all motors are operating properly before putting the props on.

I hope that helps!  Let me know how it turns out!


Anthony Answered question March 2, 2023

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