Naze 32 Rev6, Orange R820X (cppm), Cleanflight

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I have a Rev6 Naze 32 with an OSDoge on top.  Works perfect with a Lemon Rx Satellite rx.  I got a new Orange R820X 8ch and tried to use it cppm so that I could use 7,8 pwm for my gimbal.  When in connect to cleanflight, the throttle and roll channels are switched.  I saw that the Spectrum AR7700 signal wire on the Naze 32 rev6 connects to pin 4.  Right now my cppm from the lemon plugs into pin 1.  If thats what I have to do, that will interfere with my gps.  Any advice would be much appreciated.


You have a lot going on here. Let’s start with your channel mapping issue. If you have throttle and roll channels swapped, you can fix that by changing the channel map


Check out your channel map and change it in cleanflight. So for example,  if the channel map is set to aetr1234 and throttle and aleron is reversed, you would want to change it to tear1234.


does that help?

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