Naze32 full version firmware flashing problems

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I am at the point in my build where I can start setting up my Naze32 Full Version.  My computer is Windows 10 64 bit.  I installed Google Chrome, and then the Clean Flite Configurator v0.65.0.  Right off the bat, I see the message that this version of the configurator is an older version.  Where do I get the newest version?


I plugged in my Naze32, and all lights flashed momentarily, then the red light went out, the blue burned steady, and the green continued to flash.  I selected to connect to the device, and selected the “Firmware Flasher” tab.  I then selected the firmware version Naze32 v1.10 (stable), and selected “Load Firmware (online)”.  Once it was loaded, I selected “Flash Firmware”.  After the flash read 100%, the message appeared “Firmware Flash Successful”, and the unit automatically disconnected.  At this time, the blue light was still steady, and the green light was still blinking.  I selected “Connect” again, and calibrated the accelerometer and Magnitometer as per their instructions.  However, at this point, the virtual model on my screen does not move when the Naze32 is moved.  Also, of the 6 tabs in the upper right hand corner of the screen, only the mag and baro buttons are highlighted.  What did I do wrong?  Do I need to send screen shots?


Thanks again for your help!



This hex will work with cleanflight.

New hex

give it a try.

This means that Cleanflight will soon support the board.  If you are worried about using a nightly build you can also use baseflight until the stable release comes out.


Hi Tony,  that is odd.  There is a known issue with Cleanflight and Naze32 rev 6 boards, Cleanflight doesn’t work with these boards as of now.   First thing’s first, let’s load baseflight on the board to rule out any issues there (baseflight is the only firmware that is supported by the hardware manufacturer of the Naze32)

If you load the baseflight firmware and still have issues, it might be a bad gyro. lots of things can cause these to go, from grounding issues in your build to static discharge.

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