Naze32 rev6 can’t do servo tilt?

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In cleanflight, I activated “servo_tilt” moved my ESC signal cables down 2 pins and plugged the servo into the first pin. (Obviously power as well). When I turn it on the servo tries very hard to go past its limit and eventually, it broke. I got out another servo, in cleanflight set the min and max to the same number and it moved to a random position (didn’t respond to my gyro moving) and began to get very hot very quickly. I have a Naze32 rev6, any suggestions?



Make sure to center your servo by giving it a PPM signal of 1500uS with either a receiver or a servo tester before connecting it to your Naze32.  It sounds like it isn’t centered at 1500 and it is being pushed beyond it’s limits which is what is causing your failure.  Here is a video I made on the subject. I hope it helps you!


Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

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