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Esteemed Quadquestions Team:

Time ago I bought a NAZE32 rev6 Flight Controller.
I read the manual and several useful docs. Specifically what is said about UART1.

So, as far as I understood, UART1 controls the USB connection of NAZE32 rev6 (for examplo to connect it to a PC, using CleanFlight, iNav, etc).
The manual says that the RX & TX pins we see at the top of the board, are connected to UART1 and thus, shared with the USB connecion.
We can read in page 7: “The  USB  Serial  port  shares  the  same  UART  as  tx&rx.

We also can read:
“If a serial device is connected to tx/rx it wont work when the usb is 
connected and vice versa, if there is a device connected to tx & rx 
there will be problems with the usb connection, so disconnct devices 
attached here when connecting the Naze32 to USB.”

I even found some forum in Internet of people saying that using that rx/tx pins are possible:

But, taking care of all these advices, I made several tests, but finally it was impossible for me to make a Bluetooth module to work connected to those rx/tx pins.

Of course I checked everything: proper pin connection, proper voltage, proper configuration in the Configurator, proper baud rate both in
 Configurator/FC and Bluetooth.
But nothing worked.

I also found what looks like people with the same or similar problem:

But trying to establish a Bluetooth connection through emulated Software Serial Ports WORKED!
But pitifully it is not useful to me to use emulated software serial ports because I lose other funcionalities.

So, I am wondering: What is happening then with UART1 rx / tx pins?
Is there any way to make a Bluetooth module to work connected to those pins?

Another issue I found is about the SPI flash memory that comes with the board. I saw that my board has a 16MB winbond 25Q16JVN|Q with the number 1803 below. I found no firmware able to detect and use this memory. But I also searched that memory on Internet and I couldn’t find that model.

So, all of this shows me that, although these Flight Controllers could be very good, is not a good idea to buy these, because we can’t find a Firmware really able to take advantage of all its features.

So the question are:
Is there any way to make a Bluetooth module to work connected to UART1 rx/tx pins (of course disconnecting USB cable) (for connecting FC with Configurator)?

Maybe bulding a custom Firmware?

Is it possible to take advantage of that model of flash memory?

Thank you very much in advance.

Jorge Asked question November 1, 2019

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