Need a price qoate for work to be done to drone

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I have a ublox type gps i want to know how much it would cost to have you hook up and program it and solder wires together to my naze32 flight controller on my raceing drone

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HI Kenzie,

We charge an hourly rate for shop work.   I don’t think this would take us more than an hour.  If this is something you want to do, you can send an email to support@quadquestions .com.  The guys at the shop will send you the address to send your quad, and issue you a tracking number so that we can track your job.  Our turnaround on something like that can be 1-2 weeks depending on what the job entails.

We need more details to give you a proper quote, so we will keep an eye out for your email.


Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

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