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I have at least 10 r/c electric planes and 2 basic quads. I would like info on is a camera TX and RX recorder linked to my laptop. The camera will be fixed to a tripod, this will view a target 1 mile or 1000yrds. from the camera. This is all up to doing long range shooting, which is another of my hobbies. I have viewed hobby king and googled fpv on the net, to much to digest for a new b, also price is a big factor. Thank You Frank Kraichely

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Hi Frank,

I am a little confused on your setup and what exactly you are trying to accomplish. Are you flying the planes and drones while video taping them from the ground or do you plan to fly in tandem to video tape the planes/drones from another plane/drone? Or are you trying to set up a long range control station for FPV flying?

FPV on drones tend to have a lower video quality as they transmit on a 5.8GHz channel. If you are looking to video shoot planes/drones from the ground, it would be worth the investment to get a nice camera and lens. Most modern cameras save video to an SD card or have an HDMI port to stream the captured footage to a monitor/computer.

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