Normal operation of qq190 through taranis frsky

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I recently changed a motor on qq190 following an accident where a prop ripped a wire from the pre-existing motor.
Upon testing without props following the motor change I am concerned for the normal operation of the quad….
I am noticing how the throttle is infrequently behaving in a non consistent manner. Ie, when I use the throttle it seems fine
for a moment but then seems to have a mind of its own….
Because of this….I dare not attach props!!
Can you help me please?

Paul Davison Answered question June 27, 2018
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Dear Paul,
It is very possible that what you are experiencing is normal operation.  Without props installed, the motors will idle fine, but if you are in angle mode and blip the throttle, the quad will tend to ramp up the motors to full speed as it constantly tries to find level.
Our recommendation is to set the flight mode to Acro mode and then see if the issue exists on the bench.  If it is acting normal in Acro mode, then calibrate the accelerometer and then take it for a flight.

Anonymous Answered question June 27, 2018

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