Please check BetaFlight revision for support of serial1wire passthrough or 4way interface!

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I followed the build for the FT210 on youtube and everything went well until the part where i had to change motor direction for motors 2 & 3 using BLHeliSuite. The flight control passes through the Betaflight fine and i Configured it and everything and I tested the motors and they’re all running fine but when I try and connect to BLHeli it finds he port I downloaded the SiLabs port update so I can bridge between USB to UART and my computer sees it and recognizes that the driver port is updated BLHeli also recognizes the com port (Usually com 5 or 6 for me) but when i try to connect I get an error message that says
“Initialization of serial1wire passthrough or 4way interface failed!”
“Please check BetaFlight revision for support of serial1wire passthrough or 4way interface!”

I tried looking up at forums but i can’t really get an answer is there any way you guys can help me !!! Please I’m in dire need for this build is for my independent study final please!!! What should i do to fix this!!

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Hi,  Why don’t you just try swapping out 2 of the 3 motor leads on the motor that needs to reverse direction?  That should get it fixed without needing to use any software.

BlHeli motor reversing via software isn’t always reliable.   It sounds like you might not have serial passthrough enabled on your flight controller or perhaps your flight controller doesn’t even support it, in which case, your only option to reverse your motor rotation is to swap wires.

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