Possible Faulty/Bricked Colibri FC QQ190



I have recently purchased a QQ190RTF. I will be using a spektrum receiver so I was told that I needed to cycle the receiver mode to “spektrum2048” via the OSD or Betaflight. This is the error I received via the OSD:  “No receiver or FC found”. Betaflight is not an option because I also cannot get the FC to be recognized by my computer after explicitly following the steps outlined in the link below using a known working USB cable and Dfuse.

Possible Faulty/Bricked Colibri FC QQ190

Are these the symptoms of a faulty FC?


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Hi Michael, I am sorry that you are having issues with your QQ190.  The known Spektrum rx issue “no receiver or flight controller found”  has been resolved in the latest firmware update.  It was happening because it was possible on early versions of the firmware to setup serial rx on port 1 and port 2 simultaneously.  The easy fix is to connect to Betaflight and turn off serial RX functionality on Uart1.

To troubleshoot the Betaflight Connectivity issue:

Try using TBS agent to flash the latest BF3.1.5 QQ firmware?

TBS Agent is available at agent.qq190racingdrone.com

TBS Agent should connect right up.  The installation and usage of TBS agent is outlined in the manual:


Troubleshoot the VCP Drivers

My second question for you is did you install the VCP drivers required so that Betaflight can talk to the flight controller?

The VCP drivers can be downloaded here:


Dfuse will be able to communicate with the quad even if this driver is not installed, which could be your issue.  I will also reiterate, that using Dfuse should only be a last resort.

Other things to check are:

The receiver- it could be faulty, or wired wrong.

The USB cable-

Try replacing it with a different one.

I recommend that you contact our shop at 720-504-QUAD 10-6PM MST if the above fixes don’t work so that we can walk you through the steps to get in the air. We can also do a remote support session if needed.  If we determine that the quad cannot be fixed remotely, we can take care of it by having you send it to our shop.  We can flash test and usually get a quad back out the door within one or two business days.

I hope this helps! Don’t get discouraged.  QQ is on your side.

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