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I had purchased a Taranis X9 Plus from you folks back a while (April 19, 2016) and downloaded the voice files (the nice female voice) and have been looking for it on my computer(s).
I have realized that I don’t know what the file name is to look for. Can you let me know what the file name is so I can go digging for it?


Mark Nichols

Anonymous Answered question February 18, 2020
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HI Mark,

I looked up your order in our database and I only see an order for an M8N gps that was fully refunded.  (QQ order 90373)

I didn’t see the Taranis download, or the taranis, so I just added access to the files with this order.

Here is your custom link to download the file.

You will have to log in to download it.

Let me know if you have any issues.


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Anonymous Answered question February 18, 2020
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