Problem accessing the upgraded camera menu


I installed the cam upgrade on my QQ190 RTF and really like the quality.

Still, like many of us I would like to play with the settings occasionally.


“It is possible to navigate the OSD menu via the enter/reset button on the side of the powercube. This is useful for bypassing the OSD calibration and for quick access to the menu without the need to have a receiver installed.”

When accessing the OSD menu using the enter/reset button on the side of the powercube I am able to navigate to the FPV cam menu and access the (Chinese) cam menu. Unfortunately navigation within the cam menu is not possible by using the enter/reset button. I am lost and have to unplug /replaug the battery.

When accessing the OSD through my Taranis I am also able to navigate to the FPV cam menu. Strangely, the screen will remain black, and there is no way for me to access the menu. Can go back and for, but the cam menu will no appear.

I made a video to demonstrate this issue. Any idea?

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thank you for addressing my issue. I actually updated the OSD in one of my initial attempts to fix my problem, running 1.7.3. TBS agent displays “Device name QQ190”, “Curent Firmware Version v1.7.3”, “Newest Firmware Version v1.68”, and I did check “Include Beta Releases”. Is there a newer version out?

Another thought: when confirming the OSD version a couple of minutes ago I also went through the “OSD Settings” tab again. I just realized that”Camera Voltage” is set to “5V” and not “12V”. Is that setting correct or should I try “12V”?


HI, This is a strange issue.
Can you try to update the OSD to 1.83 and see if that fixes the issue?

You can use the TBS Agent to update the FPVision board.

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