Prop wash pid tuning

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I have a lot of (I think it’s called) prop wash. I’m new to drones and just built my first drone from scratch. I have a skitzo flight controller and I’m ready to start focusing on my tricks. I understand I have to use pid to tune my quad. Idk where to start tho. It responds to my controlls great but when I throttle up and let off it gets all unstable. Like tumbles around. I’m going to get a different flight controller to because this thing has a mind of its own. Randomly takes off some days and others it runs fine. I did a great job soldering and I know I did it right I think it’s just hormonal lol do i just have to mess around with the pid till it goes away? Or is there a straight forward thing I have to do? I want it to run smooth like the pros. Also are osds better to have built into a power board or flight controller?

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See this video by Joshua Bardwell, may help.


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