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I am interested in purchasing the Blackbolt in Blue that you have on your site.  I usually use PayPal for all my online purchases, but noticed QuadQuestions does not have an option for PayPal.  A little worried about using my credit card and just wanted to reach out to you guys to make sure you guys are real, before I make the purchase.


joecool33333 Answered question March 2, 2023

Hi.  Yes. We are real.  We are located in Denver,Colorado.
We don’t currently accept PayPal on the website but I can send you a PayPal invoice if you would prefer to pay via PayPal. I just checked and we do still have the BlackBolt frames in stock.  (They are very well made).

I need your address to calculate the shipping, and I need to know the thickness that you are interested in. 3mm,4mm,5mm

I will also need your email address so that I can send the invoice.
Let me know if you have any other questions.


Anthony Posted new comment February 28, 2023

be sure to mark your reply as private so that your details are not publicly available.

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