QQ 190 RTF doing random backflips and loses control.

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I haven’t had any major crashes or hits, but almost everytime I fly my QQ 190 rtf it goes into a random backflip and I lose total control. I’ve had some hard crashes into the grass because of it,  including once when I forgot to disarm and ended up burning up a motor, but I haven’t had anything happen to it that would see hurting the ESC’s.


Is there a way to test the ESC’s?  I’ve been flying the first quad I built all summer so I can get consistent with flying, but also because I just can’t trust the QQ 190.  It’s acting like when I had a bad ESC on my other quad, which was DOA from the factory, but I can’t imagine a TBS product doing the same.

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I tried to login before I posted that question but  apparently it didn’t cooperate with me. It WAS me though

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