QQ130 FC & Camera

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For the QQ130 frame…

Will it fit a standard 30.5mm board stack (standard flight controllers, 4-in-1 ESCs, etc.)? Or is it designed around a 20mm stack?

Are there height restrictions on the stack (would it fit an FC + 4-in-1 ESC + PDB/ODS)? Can I adjust with different height standoffs if I want a taller stack?

Will it fit a standard HS1177/Swift? Or just a CMOS micro-cam?


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The standoffs that come with the kit are 14.75mm.  There is nothing keeping you from running taller ones, other than aesthetics.  The 14.75mm standoffs give you just the right amount of clearance for a Powercube elite bundle, which allows you to mount escs on the arms.

I wouldn’t run 4-in-1 escs with it unless you are certain that they can handle the current demand of the motor/prop you are running.  Most 4-in-1 escs that we have encountered including the TBS 4-in-1 that is running in the Atom is only rated at 12A.

You can run a standard camera, but you would have to get a little inventive to make it work.   The qqmicrocam is a nice size and weight for this quad.


This bundle will get you what you need to build it as designed:

QQ130 Racing Drone Kit

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Yes, it will fit a standard flight controller with 30.5mm hole spacing. ESCs-I say it because we have had known issues with some 4-in-1 escs catching fire because they weren’t capable of handling the current demands of some of these configs. Not so much a fault of the ESCs, but more a fault of the end user not knowing any better. I understand that you like CCD, but I think you should consider that some cameras are better than others regardless of whether they are CCD or CMOS- take the Runcam Eagle for instance…. It is a CMOS that outshines many other CCD cameras. Remember, the QQ130 is small! That should be taken into consideration when choosing a camera. The brother hobby might be a good choice too, I’d love to see a thrust test.

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