QQ166 motor Suggestions

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just received my QQ166 frame, great looking quality.  Looking for motor suggestions.  Looks like it is drilled for 22XX motors.  Although the FAQ suggested 1806 size motors for the 4″ props.


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I’ve used the Emax F4 Stack (30A) in another quad and loved the ease of build.  So I’ll probably use that again.  So the frame will accept 22XX or 18XX motors.  The 18XX must mount in the “+” of the arms.  No specific props.  I was looking at the Brother Hobby R4 2206 2700Kv and the Hyperlite 2204 Floss 3022Kv motors.  I had heard you want the higher Kv for 4″ props.


Hi Bob,

Glad to hear you like the frame. We take a lot of pride in the quality of our carbon fiber frames. There are a lot of options for a 4 inch quad in terms of motors and you wouldn’t be limited to 1806 sizing. A lot of 2205 motors are made for 4 inch prop combinations.

If you are looking for powerful thrust then EMAX motors tend to work great on mini-quad rigs. Check out our EMAX RS2205 2600kv motors, you can get over 1kg of thrust with 4 inch props but make sure your ESC can handle the amps as it can draw nearly 30A.

If you want to stick with 1806 sizing then our Lumenier RX1806-13 2500kv are great for efficient flying. You won’t see a very high thrust with these but they draw nearly half the amps of the EMAX above and give a great thrust return ratio on the power given. We also have some Cobra 1806 2450kv motors that are on sale. They are comparable to the Lumenier motors above.

What ESCs are you planning on using? Do you have any specific propellers you want to use as well?

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