QQ190 arms but motors wont spin (via TX or Betaflight)

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My new QQ190 arms but the motors wont spin. I’m using SBUS (X4RSB to a Taranis Q X7). I did the stick calibration using stick commands and everything in Betaflight looks ok. All the modes and the, beeper work. ARM light up in Betaflight and in the OSD. The receiver responds correctly in Betaflight and the throttle endpoints are setup correctly. I also re-calibrated the accelerometer. The channel mappings for the sticks are correct as are the endpoints.

I cannot manually spin the motors in Betaflight.

It was flying great when I initially had it setup in PPM.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



Welp, this thing seems to have a mind of it’s own.

After trying PPM mode, then switching back to SBUS – and after wrestling with Betaflight for forever – it’s fine now.

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I’m glad you got it sorted.

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