QQ190 camera osd pre-requirements?

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After installing the camera upgrade, I tried to access the camera settings OSD from inside the QQ190 (Betaflight) OSD via stick commands.

Nothing happened, the camera OSD will not show.

  • I am using the original 4pin to 4pin cable to connect the upgrade camera to the FPVision board
  • I updated the OSD to the latest version via TBS-Agent
  • I tried several stick commands – only LEFT for 3 seconds works and will return to the Betaflight OSD
  • I am using a Spektrum receiver and have set all the scaling values on my transmitter and have successfully passed the RC calibration

Do I have to use any special stick commands after selecting “Camera Settings”?

If I want to try a different camera (Runcam Swift2 or Eagle 2 Pro) – will it work to connect the camera’s OSD pin to the 4th pin (white lead) on the FPVision camera port?


To clarify, the OSD in the RTFQQ190 is not the beta flight osd, but rather it is a custom core OSD by Team Blacksheep.

The issue you are having can happen when the initial calibration wasn’t performed correctly.  It can also happen when using a Spektrum radio that hasn’t had its endpoints set to 125%.

If you are able to navigate around the OSD, then you should see the menu options that allows control of the camera sub-menu.

There is no stick command to access the camera settings directly, however you should be able to access the camera menu via the on-screen display menu.

The audio port is used to communicate with camera so make sure that the fpv camera audio option is turned off.

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