QQ190 Camera out of focus

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I purchase 2 QQ190 with the same issue: the camera are completely out of focus  (focus only from 0 to 1 mt far). Any solution?



This is common with FPV cameras and while the QQcams should be focused from the factory, sometimes the cameras can become out of focus.

I will assume that you have the upgraded camera pod installed.

In order to focus the camera, you will have to unscrew the 2 side screws  holding the plastic camera mount to the carbon camera pod.  Once you have removed the screws, loosen the ring around the lens by turning it counter-clockwise when looking at the camera lens.

This will then allow you to either tighten or loosen the lens assembly to regain focus.

Remove your props.

Then power up the QQ190 and your fpv equipment.

You should now be able to turn the lens either out or in to regain focus.

After you have achieved focus, notate the position of the lens.

You will then re-tighten the locking ring to hold the lens in place.

I typically unscrew the lens about 1/4 turn so that when I re-tighten the ring so thar it rotates the lens back to the position that I notated in the previous step.

Once the ring is fully tight, you can reposition the camera and tighten the screws that hold the plastic ring to the carbon fiber.

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