qq190 cant swim

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I took a bad bounce off a slope and ended up in the pool with the qq190. what should i be expecting to replace after something like this? all the electronics? motors too?

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Hey Anthony! I tried a bunch of times to log on and update you. but I kept getting an error. couldnt log in or access the Q&A. it wasnt till I got an email that I am able to get back.

Anyway, after it dried out, the only things that needed replacing was a split mini and the vtx. which i just pulled off of another quad. Under the circumstance Id say im lucky to have gotten off so cheap. I think the quality of the QQ190 has something to do with it. been crashing it for over a year now and it just wont die. thanks for the support, and the beefy quad.

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Yeah Bern, sorry about that. We had a server configuration error which caused the q&a to be lost. I’m glad that you were able to get the QQ190 fixed and are pleased with the quality.

We have frames and motors available for a really good price is right now so if you have any friends that might be interested in a good frame, please send them our way!

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