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Hi I was wondering what size are the bullet connectors for the QQ190 motors? I am a proud owner of 3 QQ quads and I couldn’t be happier. My wife got me a QQ190 kit for X-mas and I wanted to see if I can order the motor wires with the bullet plugs already soldered? If I cannot get the wires already soldered, please let me know what size connectors I would need. Thank you so much for such great products.

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Thank You Anthony.

Honestly I didn’t even have to spread the word on the QQ190 when people see it fly, It automatically becomes the topic of conversation. But in all honesty you guys are putting out some really awesome products bro. Keep pumping out the great work!!!!!!

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Hi Vinny. I’m glad to hear you are happy with the QQ190s!

Help spread the word!

As for the bullet connectors, they are 2mm connectors

2mm bullet adapters

we are out of stock on the connectors right now but should have more soon if you join the waitlist on the product page you will receive an email when they are back in stock

I will also post a video here showing how to remove the bullet connectors and solder leads on the motors later today..

Thanks for posting your quad question here.

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