Qq190 osd states armed,,but motors dont move

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Osd says armed,,or disarmed when i arm and disarm….. led lights on fc are working,,,lights on pdb working,,,. But i only get half of the start up beeps? Re ran wizzard and same thing,,,,,,, loop times are 8 and 2. ¬†Annybody know why it would say armed and motors not move?

James Answered question November 28, 2018
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This is strange behavior.  It sounds as though the ESCs are not calibrated to your throttle input, or perhaps your escs need to be recalibrated.

check out page 28 of the QQ190 manual:
also, if using a Spektrum radio system, be sure to set your endpoints to 125%

Anonymous Answered question November 28, 2018

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