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not sure where to post awesome compliments on the qq190 but here were go:
I have been flying 2 qq190 drones for about a year. Since then I have built a couple other mainstream latest technology birds but I keep going back to my qq190’s.
The frame is a little heavy compared to the latest stuff but I can assure you that they are indestructible. I have literally destroyed motors, cameras, props, batts, etc but never have I had a frame fail.
the TBS power cube IMO is badass. When I crash other builds and realize I need to replace a receiver or an esc or an or a VTX I just say screw it and pick up a qq190. I run the small camera mount and mount a RunCam micro swift 2 and let it rip. Other than the FPV camera they are still bone stock.
You don’t need to have the latest tech and builds to have fun in this hobby. These birds just power up and rock on demand every time I want to fly. Great job on the design. Can’t say enough about that.
Only negative is that I go through a lot of motors and need to switch to normal motors that don’t have the bullet connectors pre-installed. Just don’t won’t to separate the TBS stack to solder in new motors. I have tried the Race Wire thang and even the short ones are too long for the qq190.
Even though the design is a couple years old I still go back to it every time. I am not an expert pilot but you don’t need the latest tech to have a good flight experience. Reliability is King and this this is the most reliable drone on the market IMO.
Here is a simple video of how I have fun. Flying at the beach where nobody gives a flip what you do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7nBbf1rJu0

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