QQ190 RTF (Camera, ESC, …)



I’m interested in buying QQ190 RTF.

  1. Can I set up Run Cam Owl Plus or RunCam Eagle instead of HS1177 (is it the RunCam Swift?)? https://quadquestions.com/product/runcam-owl-plus-low-light-fpv-camera/
  2. Do you have any video with hiher mount?
  3. Are the Esc Belheli_S or Belheli? 20A or 25A. https://quadquestions.com/product/tbs-bulletproof-25a-blheli-s/
  4. Do you have any dealer in Spain or Europe to purchase it? Or a solutions to not paying tasks in the customs? We can talk it via private mail.


I forgot to tell if the motors you give ar F40-II motors. Are’nt they? Regards.

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Thanks for the answer.

1. OK, if the camera works ok, it’s finde de H1177. I don’t want to make any mods on it.

2. I mean, I cannot find any youtube vide where de QQ190 with the higher mount and the updated camera. Do you have one?

4. I’ll send this to private message.




1. You can use a Runcam in place of the upgraded camera that comes with the qq190, however, doing so would probably be of little benefit. You will have to use some washers on each side of a Runcam to get it to fit properly between the 2 side plates.

2.  I don’t understand your question. Can you please rephrase it?

3.  Esc specs:

2-in-1 Custom TBS BLHeli-S Powered Electronic Motor Speed Controls (ESCs)

ESC Features include:

  • Silabs Busy Bee Processors-The fastest processor on the market in it’s class.
  • Dedicated PWM Driver
  • BLHeli-S enabled
  • Fast 8-Bit processing
  • Over-Current protection
  • 25A Constant, 35A burst-
  • Made for any 5” prop you can throw at it.
  • Multishot Protocol enabled-because other esc protocols cannot keep up. The Multishot protocol uses a 5-25µs signal that allows refresh rates of up to 32 KHz, while maintaining 240 steps of resolution.
  • Active/regenerative braking
  • lost model/inactivity alarm (sounds by pulsing the motors at high frequency)
  • Passthrough programmable- program via the flight controller USB interface without the need for additional connections.
  • 3-Phase brushless motor output

4.  Please send us a message to support@quadquestions .com. We will get back to you with more information there.

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