QQ190 RTF (Camera, ESC, …)



I’m interested in buying QQ190 RTF.

  1. Can I set up Run Cam Owl Plus or RunCam Eagle instead of HS1177 (is it the RunCam Swift?)? https://quadquestions.com/product/runcam-owl-plus-low-light-fpv-camera/
  2. Do you have any video with hiher mount?
  3. Are the Esc Belheli_S or Belheli? 20A or 25A. https://quadquestions.com/product/tbs-bulletproof-25a-blheli-s/
  4. Do you have any dealer in Spain or Europe to purchase it? Or a solutions to not paying tasks in the customs? We can talk it via private mail.


I forgot to tell if the motors you give ar F40-II motors. Are’nt they? Regards.

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Thanks for the answer.

1. OK, if the camera works ok, it’s finde de H1177. I don’t want to make any mods on it.

2. I mean, I cannot find any youtube vide where de QQ190 with the higher mount and the updated camera. Do you have one?

4. I’ll send this to private message.


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