QQ190 RTF camera pod assembly


As I was cruising around the other day I noticed my camera (upgraded version) had become unfocused.  I tried to get it back in focus but couldn’t turn the lens with the front camera support attached. I took off the support and got the camera focused, but now I can’t get the front support back on. I can’t tell if there’s enough space between the lock ring and the lens for the support to fit, or if I’m just not pushing it on hard enough. Either way, there’s not much room for the support to fit.

I looked at a Swift 2 that I have and there’s not enough room for the support if I wanted to switch to it or another camera like it. I am planning on switching to a camera with 16:9 to match my goggles, but I need to know that I can make what I buy fit.


Do you have any tips, or even a link to detailed assembly instructions for the camera pod?  I know I’ve read that we can use other cameras so I’m sure I’m missing something.



Thank you for your time

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I forgot to log in when I originally asked the question, this is still me.



I am referring to the support mount and the camera barrel. I can’t get the support to go back on the camera. I have the side plates loose so I can try to pry it open a little, but it just won’t go back on. I’ll try the suggestion you mentioned, but it’s more about the overall thickness of the support than the diameter of it. Worse case scenario is that I have to take the side plates all the way off because the RX antenna’s were kind of difficult to get where I wanted them.


The picture shows the same problem but on my Swift 2 camera. The camera is focused but the support won’t fit between the lock ring and the lens. I want to get a 16:9 camera but I’m assuming there might be the same issue.  Do I just sand down the support until it fits?

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