QQ190 RTf – Magnus tune?


I would like to try the “BF 3.0.1 Magnus tune” on my QQ190 RTF. I do have TBS Agent up and running, and know how to use Betaflight configurator and CLI dumps.

I tracked down the Folder “stock QQ190 tune by Magnus” under https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4vs1qfDGt6AYXBWSmpjekRkcUU

There are two subfolders:
“1-12-17 TBS Agent DFU & Hex files” containing “tbsQQrc6.dfu” and “tbsQQrc6.hex” files, and
“12-11-16_CLI Dumps & Settings” containing “QQ190RTF_settings_backup 12-11-16.txt” and “QQ190RTF_tune_12-11-16.txt”

The last file states:

“# version
# BetaFlight/COLIBRI_RACE 3.0.1 Oct 18 2016 / 10:08:24 (48b7b4f)

# QQ190RTF Racing Drone by QuadQuestions.com

# name
name qq190rtf v1.0

# This is the final version proposed for release.
# Final tune by Magnus

# In addition to using this dump file to flash
# the quad, the restore settings file which
# is provided with this tune should also be used
# from the settings tab.


Should I just flash Betaflight 3.0.1 using TBS Agent and CLI dump “QQ190RTF_tune_12-11-16.txt” or is there a QQ specific 3.0.1 that is not in the standard TBS Agent? (firmware selection in TBS Agent does offer a couple QQ firmwares, but not so with 3.0.1)

What are the files in the first Folder are supposed for?

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thank you for your quick reply. It did answer my question.

Went with 3.0.1 and the Magnus CLI dump, and I do like the tune so far.

That’s what I call customer support!

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If you want to use the dump that you mentioned in the question that is labeled as 3.0.1, then you would simply flash 3.0.1 to the Colibri race target with the Betaflight configurator, and then paste the Dump in the CLI, then type “save” and push enter.


We have a specific QQ190 pull of Betaflight for 3.1.x and newer, so if you want to flash 3.1.x or newer, it’s best to use the TBS Agent.

My personal favorite tune is 3.0.1, but you are welcome to try all of them (available with a QQ notation in TBS Agent.)


The DFU and Hex files are used for loading the tune locally, or for using Dfuse to reset the processor fuses. Both the hex and DFU are BF3.1.0


Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

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