QQ190 RTF random desynchs

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My RTF won’t stop doing random desynchs that cause it to backflip and lose control. I haven’t flown it much and haven’t had any major crashes.  What can I do?


I finally got time to check the CLI and I’m definitely still running the stock setup with BF 3.15.


I have never had the problem while hovering the quad, it’s always when I’m out flying around that it flips out and shuts down.


What can I do?  I really want to be able to enjoy this thing because I have less than 10 flights with it. I spent all summer getting proficient with my other quad so I didn’t destroy this one and now I’m ready.


That is strange. Are you running it on Betaflight 3.1.5 QQ edition? Some of the new versions of Betaflight can cause issues.

My suggestion is to use the TBS Agent found at agent.qq190racingdrone.com to flash the QQ 3.1.5 firmware onto your flight controller and then see if the problem goes away.

Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

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I haven’t changed a thing since I got it, so whatever it came with back in July is what it’s running. I don’t like messing with software so other than assigning the TX I haven’t done a thing to it. I’ll check and see what it’s running though

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