QQ190 RTF setup/arming, waiting for sbus.

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Hello everyone,

I’ve baught a QQ190. Just can’t figure out how i can fix this problem : waiting for SBUS.

here’s my setup :



-FRSKY XSR (solid green when paired)



any help would be appreciated, many thanks,



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This is the XSR Diagram:

It is very hard to tell from your photos, because I cannot see where the wire is located on the pinout of the connector where it connects to the flight controller.

Essentially, you want to make sure that you have the SBUS wire connected to the Flight controller UART input.

The XSR outputs both PPM and Sbus.  Sbus is recommended for best results.


From page 20 of the manual:




Using SBUS

You can see that there is a 3.3V and5V connection at the flight controller receiver port.  You want to make sure that you have the +5V pin on the XSR connected to the 5V pin on the flight controller receiver port.

Make sure that the SBUS out is connected to PPM/UART2 to use SBUS.


To use CPPM, connect the CPPM pin on the XSR to the PPM/UART2 pin on the Colibri flight controller, then you will need to cycle through the input modes until the OSD reads “waiting for PPM” to get the QQ190 to recognize your receiver.

Changing Protocols. 

You will need to select either SBUS or PPM during RC calibration to complete your setup depending on how you have the Frsky XSR connected.

This procedure is explained on page 30 of the manual.


If you are still having problems, make sure that the XSR is bound to the XJT module in your Tango and powered properly.  Here is a link to the XSR manual:


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Hi Tibor,

Your XSR should be outputting Sbus, and your QQ190 should detect the Sbus when you center your sticks.

How did you wire the XSR?

Sometimes, if your radio is not calibrated properly, it can cause the QQ190 to not detect the signal.

What firmware are you running?  It should show you the firmware version for the flight controller and the OSD when you first plug it in.

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Hello Anthony, Thanks for your quick response. I don’t remember the name of the latest update for the tango but i use the last one. and beta flight 3.0.1 for the colibri. the XSR is wired as follows : (doesn’t work, can i send you an email for pictures?) Regards, Tibor

qq190 : v 1.71 colibri : 3.0.1 Tango : 1.03

Hi Tibor, you can upload a photo in the answer section. Go ahead and submit one as an answer.

I’ve edited my question and added photos.

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