QQ190 RTF will not see my RX and TBS AGENT will not update colibri race

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Hello – I have bought a few of these sweet quads from you guys and had been running a great firmware for the last year no issue.
My TX went bad (DX18 Stealth Spektrum) and sent it in to Horizon for repair and they replaced a transmitter board.

OK I get the TX back and rebind back to my QQ190… the try and check switches on Betaflight. Use my goggles to run thru SET UP and the Colibri Race will not see my RX. I try BF and cannot get the receiver to be seen by the Colibri.

I try everything I can find online to use TBS Agent to put on the latest Betaflight QQ firmware and the Agent gets stuck in WAITING FOR COLIBRI RACE… spins and nothing happens.

This never happened before, any previous updates were flawless. ANY HINTS TO TRY HERE? I have pressed bootloader, not press BL when plugging in USB… anyway not results differed. Tried diff cords and no change.

Ok so this eve I plugged into BF and went for a manual BF update to Colibri Race just to be sure… worked smooth as butter. BF now sees my RX and I set up an any normal build I have. I dont want to lose the TBS fiunctionality so I really want to use TBS Agent and get the QQ dedicated update put in the board.

I figured I would give a shout to see what you guys  might have me try before I abandoned the QQ update and just move on with my own BF update.

In the worst case, could you send me a PID screen shot… I can at least use the latest PIDS you guys have on this and I move from there.

Thanks if you can offer any advice.
Best Regards,
Kyle Lucas

Anonymous Answered question June 22, 2018
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Hi Anthony, This is not my first time working with the Powercube which is why it is strange that agent will not update. I have multiple copters using these successfully. After my transmitter got repaired and I tried to rebind via the OSD… the RX is not recognized and the agent gets stuck in the “Waiting for colibri” loop.
Also… I have quadruple checked all the items you list as normal and still it does not work.
Anyway, I bound the RX the normal way and updated firmware via Betaflight the standard way… no issues. I will just work my own tune and not deal with the latest QQ Firmware or the Agent issues.

Anonymous Answered question June 22, 2018
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