QQ190 & TBS Agent

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Hi Anthony, I need help.

My QQ190RTF will not connect with TBS Agent, my PC and USB cable works fine with all other programs and my other quads, i.e. Vortex 250, Betaflight, Betaflight Firmware Flasher, etc, etc. I’ve also tried two other PC’s and several other USB cables and for the life of me my QQ190RTF Colibri refuses to connect to TBS Agent? STM Microelectronics Dfuse program also refuses to recognize it?

When the QQ190RTF is connected, mine and the other PC’s confirm that the STM Bootloader, VCP and other drivers are all working fine as does the PC’s device managers?

Using Betaflight 3.2 I’ve managed to reload tbsQQrc6.dfu and the Mangus 12-11-16 tune. I’ve also tried the other tunes available to download. However, being so out of date they don’t include Crossfire in Betaflight Receiver and the way I now have my Taranis setup nothing is working as it should.

All I want to do is reinstall the original firmware and settings that my QQ190RTF was originally supplied with (received Sept 2017) and start over from scratch with my preferred settings?

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Hi James-

Can you verify that:

1: you are holding the boot button whilst plugging in the quad to put the flight controller into boot loader mode?

2:  If Betaflight 3.2 is loading firmware onto the quad are you able to load a newer firmware that includes CRSF support?

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