First quad build

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I want to build a quad. I have an eachine racer 250 that I bought assembled. Very fun, I crashed it one good time and now I’m ordering parts. I’d like to build one. Not quite high end so far as sophistication or speed, but fast enough. I definitely need a tough one, I’m trying to get better and it looks like I’m gonna crash a bit. So what do you recommend?


We haven’t been able to break the QQ190 Falcon– not yet anyway.  It’s an advanced build however because you have to pack in all of the parts onto a small frame.  The key here is to go with a smaller quad because it has less inertia when it crashes and thus, less damage occurs.

Here is a link the the QQ190 Falcon

Also, People have been pleased with the QAV210

It really comes down to your preference and build capabilities, but If you want crash worthy, go with a smaller quad.

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