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Hi I have a QQ190 which I just purchased off my friend I fell in love with this quad and I am now going to be a dedicated consumer of your quads, I own a FRSky X-Lite and wanted to know which receiver will work best with that remote and my QQ190. Also is there a big difference between the tank and the RTF 190 frames? will the powercube v2 work on any 190 frame I might have V1 and might want to upgrade to V2.
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Thank you so much i truly appreciate your help.

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Hi Vinny, We are glad that you like our drones and frames .Pease be sure to spread the word!
As for the QQ190 receiver question, the Frsky Xlite should allow use with frsky’s x series receivers.  You should be able to use either an x4r-SB, xm+ , or xsr with the Xlite and the qq190.
Here are a few links to some receivers we have in stock:

FrSky XSR 2.4GHz 16CH ACCST Receiver w/ S-Bus & CPPM

XM+ SBus Mini RC radio Receiver by FrSky

The RTF frame has subtle differences from the qq190 that specificallly fit the powercube and our other accessories, but the general footprint and design is the same as the QQ190 3mm and the QQ190 4mm tank and they are both compatable with the powercube v1 and V2.
Let me know if that helps to answer your question and thanks for flying QQ!

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