replacment hd cam carbon fibre, updated eepe for qq190 for taranis ver.2.2.1

2.48K viewsQQ190 RTF Ready to Fly Racing Drone

which replacement kit is for what came with the hd cam upgrade?

is there going to be a updated eepe for ver.2.2.x taranis?

i got 2 QQ190’s, and of all the rtf’s ive had, there the best!

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Thanks!  We are glad that you like the QQ190!.  You will want to order this kit to upgrade the camera.

QQ190 RTF FPV Racing Drone – High Quality Camera Upgrade

As for the Taranis 2.2, we should be releasing an update in March (once the flying season gets started again)

Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

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i have the oem cam from the upgrade kit. i used the upgrade kit body to put a nightwolf vid camera, the second QQ190 wants the HD vid cam from the upgrade kit that i used the body pod frame on the first QQ190.

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