Should I buy a used FPV Goggle?

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Hi ya’ll,

I am looking to get into FPV on a budget and I do not want box goggles. I can only afford 200$ or less for the goggles. There are a lot of good used goggles for sale like Fatshark Attitude v3 and Dominator HD2s for much cheaper than new and that are in my price range. A good bit of them say they were rarely used and were for sale because the seller doesn’t like FPV. Should I buy one or stick to a new cheaper goggle like the Eachine EV100 or the FX Viper box goggle. Thanks,

Ian M.

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Hi there,  I think that if you can get Fatshark Dominator V2s, you will be fine.  That is the goggle that I rock.

One thing to note is that Fatshark goggles are the original and fantastic in terms of quality and support.

The newer goggles such as the ones you mentioned are a 16:9 aspect ratio, yet the fatshark HDV2s are 4:3 which gives you a larger screen to view when flying.

I personally met with Greg (owner of Fatshark) in New York a little while ago and we talked about the Dominator V3 and the change from 4:3 to 16:9.  He was reluctant to be switching to 16:9 as it was not as ideal for FPV pilots but was better suited for DJI pilots (hence better sales in exchange for ultimate FPV Aspect ratio for racers and freestylers. )

At any rate, you can’t go wrong with The HDV2s.

If you want to start out cheap, get box googles, and go cheap.

If you are absolutely set on some extremely cheap but still good and backed by FPV leaders,  s, check out the ridiculously cheap Tiny Goggles from Tiny Whoop.

Tiny Whoop Tiny Goggles by Team Black Sheep

39 bucks….  ….  ……

I hope that helps you.

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