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Naze32 rev 6
using inav, I have ublox gps in soft serial 2 using 5v from channel 5, using onboard baro and compass. I see serial 1 and 2 in ports. I added (I think this is a sony) sonar HC-Sr04, using 5v from channel 6 and connected trig and echo to the underside pads. I’m using the long inline connector for PPM and 5v to the receiver and the soft serial 2 is 7 &8 pins. I have nothing connected to rx/tx connector and nothing connected to the other edge connector, 3.3 – voltage including telemetry, nothing connected on this connector group
In configuration, I have turned on sonar.
I don’t see a port for sonar, or nothing has changed in ports. I don’t know how to find the sonar port on the Naze or how to make the pads live.
Sonar doesn’t show up on the top panel of the configurator but GPS, mag, baro etc are lit in blue.
Basically, sonar isn’t live and I don’t see how to make it live.

chuck starck Answered question October 9, 2018
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The Sonar uses 5V logic, so you need to make sure that you connect it to 5V tolerant pins.  Connecting it to 3v3 pins without resistors will fry your FC.
If you are connecting to Trig and echo, you should include 1K resistors in line between the Naze32 and the HC-Sr04.

If using PPM, you would need to connect the sonar to RC7 and RC8 (trig and echo)
IF using parallel PWM for control, the sonar would connect trig to motor 5 and echo to motor 6.

I don’t know of a way to change the ports without modifying the firmware.

Anonymous Answered question October 9, 2018
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