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I have just ordered a Sparrow R4 Frame (66412) which I paid for but has gone to back order.  I am sure that it said ‘now shipping’ which indicates that the item is in stock and available for immediate supply?  When will you be able to supply this back order?

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Thanks for your reply Anthony.  I will wait until the new R5 is released mid-March.  Can you please arrange a credit on my VISA card.

Yes that answers my question, thanks.

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The delivery times for new Sparrow R5s will not happen until Mid-March.

If you would like a refund, simply send a message to support@quadquestions .com and the crew will issue you a refund or credit for items in stock.

We can also help to get you into a frame that is in stock to work to get you flying fast if you need.

Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

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