Sparrow R5 with Connex ProSight


I’m looking at doing a build with the Sparrow Racing Frame R5 and would like to incorporate the Connex ProSight system into it. The video transmitter board is my real struggle as the mounting specs do not appear to conform with the standard 30.5mm holes, and it’s longer as well. The mounting points are 61.2mm on the length (with a middle set at 24.3mm) and 32.7mm on width (center-to-center). The mounting specs can be found on this PDF from Connex.

Would there be a way to use any of the stock standoff mounts on the Sparrow?

This sounds like something that we could design a special part for. I’ve forwarded this to our team and we will see what we can come up with. We can always do custom work for you, and eventually turn it into a mainstream option if it shows promise. If you have a drill press, you could drill some holes in the carbon fiber to mount it, or just use double sided sticky tape to mount to the frame.

Anthony, Thank you for the follow up. Chrome wasn’t showing the comments and I just sent you an email, sorry for bumping the question. I do 3D modeling/design as well and would totally be onboard with designing a part.

That’s awesome. Yeah, I have asked Lam to take a look at this- He is very busy with a top-secret project right now, but hopefully he will join the conversation soon. I think that the R5 will be a good candidate for a Connex-ready quad.

Anthony, Thanks for you support. I completely understand busy, especially in the consumer products market (I work in that space too). From the discussion, on QQ store, it looks like R5 shipping is estimated somewhere between April and May so we defiantly have some time and once I know technical specs it’s pretty short work from there. I’ll keep an eye out for correspondence and product availability. –Thanks again!

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Just an update, we are waiting to receive our test unit from Connex.  Once we have it, we will start cutting the prototypes.  Here is a teaser of what’s to come. 🙂

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see the final.

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