Stock PIDs for v3.1.5?

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Have a question on the stock PIDs on the QQ190 RTF…

From the google drive, the Magnus tune PIDs taken from the Betaflight 3.0.1 dump file are as follows:

set p_pitch = 75
set i_pitch = 98
set d_pitch = 38
set p_roll = 50
set i_roll = 74
set d_roll = 32
set p_yaw = 105
set i_yaw = 63
set d_yaw = 20


However, if you reflash the FC with the “3.1.5 QQ” firmware via TBS Agent, the PIDs in that flash are as follows:

set p_pitch = 50
set i_pitch = 110
set d_pitch = 25
set p_roll = 47
set i_roll = 74
set d_roll = 23
set p_yaw = 96
set i_yaw = 63
set d_yaw = 20

Which PIDs are the latest and greatest and suggested for v3.1.5+? Reason being is I’m thinking of upgrading to Betaflight 3.2.1 and I’m wondering what PIDs to start with, and there is a pretty big difference between the v3.0.1 Magnus PIDs and the v3.1.5 QQ firmware flash PIDs.

Someone (cough, cough) forgot to save a dump file of the as-shipped v3.1.5 configuration right after taking it out of the box before they started playing with it…




Ah, good catch- but this is done on purpose.

Some Betaflight updates will change the way that the PID values impact the gains.  For instance, a p_pitch = 75 value in 3.0.1 might be the perfect gain to keep the input snappy in 3.0.1, but in 3.1.5 a value of 75 is too much due to many different reasons.

This is why we don’t recommend that people update to the latest Betaflight when they first get the QQ190.  We worked really hard to get the tunes dialed in, and some updates can completely wreck that hard work done by our team.

My suggestion if you absolutely feel that you have to upgrade the flight controller software, would be to ask the pilots group on Facebook what they are running to come up with a solution that works for you.

You can join that group here:

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