Taranis X9D and Open TX/FPV FreeRider SIM

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Hi. I am new to the Open Source world and a year and half experience with camera platform quads (3DR Solo) and a few RTF FPV mini’s. I have started my first 250 FPV race build using QQ’s Naze 32 FC. I purchased a used Taranis X9D (2013) online, to use with the build and BNF’s. I am using a Mac computer and it does not recognize that the USB (either Open TX or SIM) is connected to the radio. Ive downloaded all the drivers and probably some I didn’t even need. I have tried several cables and with the one I got from you guys today. So I don’t think its the cable. Nice cable by the way.

So my question is, would you happen to know what Im missing for my computer to recognize the Taranis? And if I was to order a new X9D+ from you guys, does it come preloaded with the latest updates? I would rather just sell the radio I have and get the Plus. Because me being new to this, I thought I was initially getting the Plus. But when it arrived I found out it wasn’t. My fault on that.

Thanks for your time, excellent products and QQ.com

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Sorry that this question got missed.  You should probably check to see that you have cp210 drivers installed.  Other than that, some radios had issues with the boot loader that frsky installed onto them.

If you purchase a radio from QuadQuestions it comes preinstalled with the latest firmware and models & settings including a free rider config.

FrSky Taranis X9D Plus 2.4GHz radio (mode 2) version B – No Case

If you already have the radio and just want our settings and support, you can purchase it here:

Taranis X9D Plus Model & Settings Files, Voice pack, and Support

In most cases the readme file included with the download can fix connectivity issues if it is not driver related.


Hopefully that helps to answer your questions!

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