TBS Powercube Rx pads and direct soldering Rx


I’ve got a TBS Powercube 2in1 Fpvision and a LemonRx (and also a Spektrum, if either would work..)

The Rx UART broke off of my board, so i am direct soldering the Rx to the pads.  Having some very strange things happen…

When I use the Lemon Rx (already bound to Tx), it will not power up.  I just get a slow blinking red light (meaning a brownout or loss of power has occurred at some point).

But when I plug in a spektrum race Rx, it actually connects but it frequently “resets” when viewing inputs in Betaflight.  For example, if I’m moving my sticks around, some of the inputs “jump” around and then every few seconds it all freezes and looks like all inputs reset – but the midpoints for everything looks slightly off of 1500 (1517 on a lot of them).

Do I have a bad solder connection?  I’ve checked all three wires pretty well…  Or.. is this an issue of the TBS Powercube somehow?  Like the pads on the board give off 5v instead of 3.3v and it is overloading my Rx?  Very odd, since the UART plugin accepted the spektrum connector and everything worked fine.  Ideas?

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Hi. The direct solder receiver pads on the colibri are 5V. Spektrum receivers require a 3V3 volt connection. 3V3 is output via the molex receiver port when using the spektrum cable that comes with the colibri and 5V is output when using a the standard receiver cable that comes with the colibri

In other words, you cannot connect a spektrum receiver to the direct-solder receiver pads-because they output 5V. if you power a spektrum RC with 5V you will fry it.

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