The cloned drone Dilemma

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Hello, I have built 2 almost identical quads that fly very differently. Here is a breakdown of the builds:

Quad 1:                                      Quad 2:

Frame:     Reverb 5”                                  Iflight XL-5 V4

Motors:    Flywoo NIN 2306.5 v2                 Flywoo NIN 2306.5 v2

ESC:        Iflight Bl Heli-S (JESC)                Iflight Bl Heli-S (JESC)

FC:          Iflight Succex F405                     Iflight Succex F405

Camera:  Runcam Eagle 2 Pro                    Foxeer Razer Mini

VTX:        Holybro Atlatl                             Holybro Atlatl

RX:         R-XSR                                        R-XSR

Props:     HQ-Prop v2s                              HQ-Prop v2s

TOW:      710g                                         700g

They both have a capacitor of the same rating, both have a lens of the same FOV, both bonded on the same RX#, built in the exact same way. They both run the same version of Betalight. Quad #1 has been tuned to perfection and Quad #2 was cloned using the cli function; (#Diff all & #dump).

Quad #1 feels perfect and Quad #2 feels as if the idle is too low (wobbles when throttle is relaxed). it also feels as if it is more affected by gravity (Less Floaty?). I am using dynamic idle on both quads. all values are the same.

I am at a loss, is there factors that could affect flight performance that have not been mentioned in this thread that I could have missed? It is very bizarre to me. seems like the physical difference between each quad should not be affecting the flight performance in the way that it does.

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Man, Check the wobbly drone for breaks/ flexibility in the arms. It could be anything, unbalanced props, loose FC, Broken Carbon, Different Gyros,


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