tip speed of a 5 ft. propeller

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my motor has a 16,000 rpm what would the tip speed  be with a dia. of 5 feet?

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Think about it

Find the circumference.

Using a 5′ diameter, multiply the diameter times pi.

5′ * 3.141 = 15.708′

Divide 16000rpm by 60 to get rotation per seconds

266.667 rotations per second

Multiply by the circumference

266.667 * 15.708= 4188.805 feet per second speed at the tip.

This propeller is moving way too fast


Convert to mph

That’s 5280feet / 3600 seconds


4188.805 FPS / 1.467= 2855.354 miles per hour

This is well above supersonic speed so it probably won’t work.

This is a good equation for racing drones however, if you can keep the tips of the propellers from going supersonic, you can gain efficiency .try a 5″ propeller for a better result.

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