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Hi. My name is Gary and I am new to RC  I have a Spektrum dx6i radio or transmitter. I have a trainer and in the future I want a Ziroli Corsair 93 inch wingspan  other than the normal functions of the plane I am going to add a open and closing cowl and canopy with folding wings with retrack doors and wheels that is 10 things with out adding bomb drops and sounds for the wing guns  I was looking at a dx18 discontinued  dx18qq discontinued dx18 stealth discontinued and a dx18 gen 2 discontinued  could not get the money up in time now there is a dx20 over 1200.00 and I don’t think I like the ix12  So can you help me with a transmitter info that has voice commands or alerts can hold 30 or more model planes in memory  I may need some mixing capabilities built in the transmitter where can I get a aluminium case for New transmitter. Thanks GARY

Gary Answered question November 30, 2018
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Hi Gary,
That sounds like quite an ambitious project for someone new to RC.  You might consider starting smaller to get your wings then work on the add-ons as you become a better pilot .
With that out of the way,  we are big fans of FrSky transmitters due to their open source design.  FRSky has a line of good quality radios for a good price.  You could run up to 32 channels on the base model taranis x9d plus with ease using an additional transmitter and dual receivers on your bird.

FrSky Taranis X9D Plus 2.4GHz radio (mode 2) version B – Cardboard Case

If you want to step it up a notch you could look at the Horus X12.  I personally fly with this radio and love the feel and construction of it .It even has a gyroscope for control by tilting the radio.

Frsky Horus x12s Remote control radio transmitter

The brilliant thing about these radios is the fact that they run OpenTX software . What this means is that they are community-supported and open-source, so you can run all sorts of custom mixes, settings, LUA scripts, etc.  I think this is essential considering how complicated your build sounds.
I will also note that I really dislike Spektrum radios. They are closed source, you can’t get parts to fix them yourself, and they have presented us with many problems, and they are also difficult to program IMO.
We can special order you any FRSky radio that you would like, and I am getting ready to finalize our next shipment of radios.  Let me know if you would be interested . Lead time is about 4 weeks.
I hope that helps!

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