Vendetta V2 disarm and horizon on the switch

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I just finished setting up my vendetta V2 but I noticed that by default it assigned my mode options and motor disarm on the same switch. Whenever I select the horizon mode it disarms the motors. Could you please tell me how I could correct this? Cheers!!”

Dominic Answered question August 10, 2018
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It sounds like you need to go into betaflight and assign your flight mode Aux channels to a different Aux by changing it’s channel to something other than what it is.
You probably have something like this on the mode screen:

You need to change the Aux assignments of the flight modes to a different aux.
Like this:

After you have done this, you will need to make sure that your radio is mapped to the aux switch you want for flight modes (for example aux 2) by checking the receiver tab.  Flipping your desired mode change switch should trigger the Aux that you need to assign to your flight modes.  You should also see the little yellow bars below the sliders on the modes screen of betaflight change when you flip the switch.
You will only see this when the quad is powered on and the radio is powered on.
This is applicable to the TBS Vendetta, QQ190 RTF, and many other drones running Betaflight.

Anonymous Answered question August 10, 2018

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