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Hello community. when i do a roll or flip my video cuts out usually resulting is crash. what the F is happening?the thing is flying smoother than ever, but when i do a roll/flip i lose video and right before i hit the ground it comes back. but power loops and split s turn or being upside down is no problem. its seams its the quick flipping action thats effecting the video. the vtx is part of my stack and is secure. the antenna is securely fastened to the provided antenna mount on a qq190. would it be something inside the camera? also i want a runcam split, know of any reason why that would be a bad decision?

Hi, A few questions… 1. Is this a QQ190 RTF? Or a custom QQ190 build? 2. Can you give us a full equipment list? 3. Can you tell us what receiver you are running, and what antenna setup you have? 4. Do you have any DVR of the issue? 5. The Runcam split- might not be able to replace a go-pro for top quality video. If you want the pro-look, you should run a Go-Pro session, however, if you want some HD video on the easy, the Runcam Split should fit the bill.

i got the qq 190 frame and transferred components from a qav250 . its got a Crazepony Sunrise 4 in 1 30A ESC with F4 Flight Controller AIO, emax 2600kv, a 12v stepdown. Crazepony 5.8G 40CH 25mW 200mW 600mW (i typically fly at 200mw) wich has a mmcx to sma pigtail circular polarized, runcam swift cam, dal cyclone 5045×3 x4r sbus, taranis radio, no dvr, no osd,


I would remove your props then try to replicate the issue on the bench- wiggle wires, check for something mechanical that could be causing the issue.  try mimicking the movements that cause the issue in air to see if you can track down the issue.

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i couldnt duplicate the snapping roll or flip motion on the bench, only way i could make something happen was dropping it from about 4 ft. it jarred it enough where the video cut out then came back a few seconds later. I admit not the best test, but the dude abides. i bought that runcam split, hopefully it was my cam failing, im also gonna put a capacitor or two on it like that other bro-fessor said. looking forward to just going out and flying, and not flying to see if i still have issues. pfft 1st world problems.

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Add a low ESR cap., problem solved.

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i just got bought a runcam split witch i hear needs 5v ( and cant come from 5v out from vtx for some reason.) so im gonna add an old pdb that has a 5v and 12v out. if i do capacitors, would i only need it at the main power input or should i add another on that pdb as well?

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