Video feed not going thru the Osdoge to the transmitter.

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Need help with the Osdoge board. There doesn’t seem to be any video signal coming from the camera ( Lumenier 650 mini). I can get the camera to work directly off the transmitter ( Immersion 600). So I know it’s working. I also know there is power going to the camera when plugged into the Osdoge board. I’m thinking it might be the switch next to the USB. Thanks for any help. I’ve only had the osdoge for a short time. By the way, I did have it working and then it stopped.

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Hi Louie. Issues with the camera not being detected by the OSD have been around for a while. There was a fix introduced in MWOSD 1.5 that solves the issue in the vast majority of cases. I suggest you upgrade, as the OSD currently ships with MWOSD 1.2. You can download the new release here: and use Arduino to upload the program.

Let us know how it goes!



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Thanks. I will give this a try. It just weird that I had it working. Then after some more setting up and fine tuning on my qav210 it stopped showing video.

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