What do you mean by FrSky transmitter for the 9X Turnigy

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Hello, does that mean you build the FrSky XJT transmitter in the Turnigy ? Is that enough ? I thought you also had to build something inside !

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Ok but will this allow me to have 16 channels on the Turnigy ?

“9x” hence 9 channels


Hi Tonio,

If you are referring to a , Turnigy 9x radio with DIYDHT mod, then what the process here at the shop entails is taking an FRsky module and installing it into the radio internally. We modify the 9x radio while we are in there by flashing the latest version of Opentx firmware. This gives you the ability to connect with Frsky receivers such as the D4R-II

This gives you most of the features of higher end radios for a much lower price. The only thing that you don’t get with this mod is telemetry. While it is possible, it is too labor intensive to make worth while. At that point, it is better to just go with a Taranis.

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