What is wrong with my quad?

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I have a huge problem with my serial link in betaflight. I just upgraded my cam and after that the serial link is buggy. when I fly the roll doesn´t respond and is very slow, and i have no idea why this is. Do you have any idea?

Max commented October 13, 2017

Hi, We need more information about your setup in order to help you. A. What quad are you flying? B. What version of Betaflight are you using? C. If you have a setup other than a stock QQ190RTF, Please list your motor, ESC, flight controller, and Prop in use. D. When you say serial link is buggy? Are you referring to the link between your receiver and your flight controller? if that is the case, what Receiver are you using? What protocol is it using? What radio are you using? Thanks.

Hi Max, were you able to solve the issue?

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